Cuts & Shaves

Haircuts- All $34 (except where noted)

Lords provides the cleanest, tightest cuts around. Whether you're after a ‘Classic Corporate’, ‘High Taper’ or anything in between, you can consult with our expert Baber’s to get the style right for you. All cuts are finished off with a ‘cut-throat’ shave around the neck and ears, as well as a hot towel treatment, leaving you looking and feeling fantastic.


  • Slickback, low or high   $36
  • Fades   $36
  • Skin fade with clippers   $36
  • Skin fade (with cut-throat)   $40
  • Crew cut   $36
  • Quiff   $36
  • Pompadour   $36
  • Military   $36
  • Kids   $34

Clipper Cuts

  • All clippers (1 number)   $30
  • Flattop (All Clippers scissor work)   $38
  • All Clipper Fades with more than one number   $32

Cut-throat Shaves and Services

Full ‘Cut-throat’ Shave $40 (max 30mins)

Our classic straight razor shave is an experience within itself. Our expert barbers prep your skin step by step with a number of hot and cold towels, oils and creams to make the shave soothing and refreshing. Sit back and relax in our comfortable vintage Belmont barber chairs. Your skin will be left soft and glowing.

Full Head Shave $38

With a preparation of hot and cold towels, your head will be left silky smooth.